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NEWME business accelerator expands Its vision, leveraging South Florida's diversity to Uplift entrepreneurs

Meisha Hall
March 31, 2017

Today, Knight Foundation is announcing $191,000 in new support for the accelerator to expand economic opportunity in South Florida.

When I first started doing events in Miami in 2013, the idea of being based in Miami wasn’t even a thought. At the time, all the advice I had been given was that Silicon Valley was the place to be... especially if you wanted to be taken seriously. I subscribed to this thinking, too: I launched NewME in Silicon Valley in 2011 and lived there through 2015.

However, the more I traveled, the more my viewpoint changed. The more I spoke with entrepreneurs the more I realized the complete opposite of the gospel that was being preached in the Silicon Valley echo chamber. In fact, working with minority entrepreneurs allowed me to see that we had our own requirements and needs that weren’t being met, simply because everyone was so focused on forcing us to conform to their way of doing business instead of meeting us where we were. So, like any smart entrepreneur...Read full article here!

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