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Introducing the
NewME Idea Accelerator

Get that idea out of your head and into the real world
with our 12-week online idea accelerator course.
What's an idea accelerator?

Bring your ideas to life. NOW.

Our online idea accelerator is designed specifically for people who have an idea and don't know where to start. We turn away hundreds of entrepreneurs every month simply because they don't have a product developed or their idea isn't flushed out. For 12-weeks this course walks you through step-by-step on how to get your idea going. Each week we teach you industry best practices, give you a specific assignment to complete, and support you with additional resources.


We got your back.

NewME’s not your average accelerator. We focus on building long term relationships with entrepreneurs based on their needs and goals instead of solely focusing on fundraising.  It’s why many entrepreneurs choose NewME. You have the flexibility to grow and learn at your own pace while still getting the valuable guidance you need. Don’t believe us, click the video to the left and take a listen for yourself.

The Curriculum

At the end of this course you will:

  • Learn the steps necessary to launch your idea
  • Learn how to build a functional prototype with little to no money
  • Learn industry secrets on how to best identify and target potential customers
  • Learn how to build a bankable and scalable financial model
  • Be introduced to how best pitch and win over potential investors

The Schedule

Week 1: So you have an idea, now what?
Week 2: Determining Your MVP
Week 3: Picking a Platform
Week 4: Finding Your Customer 1
Week 5: Your Business Model
Week 6: Choosing a Payment Processor
Week 7: Building a Financial Model
Week 8: Product Design 1
Week 9: Product Design 2
Week 10: Finding Your Customer 2
Week 11: Recruiting Your Team
Week 12: Launching Your Product




That's only $25/week!

$43MM in funding raised and growing.

We’ve helped tons of entrepreneurs position their company to receive funding. Whether you're trying to raise $100,000 or $1,000,000, numbers don't lie. Our system works.

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