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1 Week

This May 13th
in Cincinnati, OH

Hillman x NewMe

Accelerating Opportunity

Hillman and NewMe have come together to grow our own idea! We’re working together to guide even more underrepresented founders to growth with a 5 day accelerator in one of everybody’s favorite cities!! From May 13- May 17 and July 11th- July 15th a cohort of just 8-10 founder and founder- curious folks will be immersed in the knowledge of experienced entrepreneurs while exchanging energy with fellow knowledge seekers.

Our Accelerators Go Extra Hard.

We know most humans would likely spend the $2600 cover on a Caribbean vacation before a business accelerator. That’s what makes entrepreneurs different. It’s passion for an idea, belief in that idea-- and what’s more-- confidence in your own capabilities and willingness to sacrifice to develop it.
We respect your commitment and desire, because we’ve been there! Our schedule of classes and exercises are thoughtfully structured by our educators with your time, investment, and success in mind.
You’ll experience a comprehensive curriculum that will guide you to the knowledge necessary to gain material advantage for your business. Our 12 module curriculum has guided entrepreneurs to over $47MM in funding.  Through open format blends, topical expert Q&A sessions, peer learning, and dedicated coaching-- we work with you to outline a plan that will help you grow into a sustainable business.

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What happens
after my booking is confirmed?

Once your deposit secures your spot, we’ll follow up. Between booking and arrival, we’ll have several communications specifically composed to create an experience that aligns with your goals and addresses your needs.

What can I expect during the accelerator?

We follow a customized, 10 module curriculum program based on the goals and identified needs of cohort. Mornings and afternoons are usually reserved for tactical workshops and coaching based on your business, and evenings are focused on insights from experts through our Q&A based speaker dinners.

What happens after the accelerator?

We love to hear from our entrepreneurs! While there is no obligation from either of us to be in touch after our accelerator engagement, we find that folks enjoy reaching out to tell us about their wins, and just to say “hi”. And we check in, too. Either way, you’ll always be part of the Hillman x NewMe family.

Will Hillman and/or NewMe own any part of my idea or business?

No. Since you’re paying a fee for the knowledge we offer through our accelerator-- we do not ask for equity.

What does my fee include?

- Living Accommodations
- Meals
- Training - Access to Our Network

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Company 5

Founder of

For more than 25 years of experience assisting parties in interest and their counsel in financial consulting, bankruptcy and complex commercial litigation. 

He provides expert consulting and testimony in cases involving damages assessment.

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2012 Cohort

“Angela & NewME took me from a founder who literally knew nothing about startup and molded me into a founder of a high growth company. It’s not just Angela’s Midas touch, but the people, networks, and NewME family that’s all connected and pulling for your success. Family will always have your back, if anyone was not sure, I’d say join our NewME family, it will be the best decision of your life, it certainly was for me."

Brian Brackeen

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2016 Cohort

"Honestly speaking, Angela genuinely wants you to succeed! I came to NewMe with an app but left with a business. Be warned ...this is not your average, cookie-cutter program. It is a status-quo-breaking opportunity tailored to grow your potential and accelerate your startup. I am truly grateful for the experience and for the friendships that continue to grow."

Doria Hickman

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2017 Cohort

"Time is one of the most precious resources that an entrepreneur possesses.  Angela understands the value of time and thoughtfully and effectively crafted my NewME cohort and curriculum to provide tremendous impact for my company.  I learned more from NewME in a week than I had learned in the 6 months prior to attending NewME.  In addition to the teachings, Angela emboldened me to face the challenges and opportunities presented to my company so that I can actualize my definition of success.  The NewME network is a blessing to have as an entrepreneur and is one way that I fuel my achievement."

Courtney Williamson

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Company 2

More than 25 years of experience assisting parties in interest and their counsel in financial consulting, bankruptcy and complex commercial litigation. 

He provides expert consulting and testimony in cases involving damages assessment, business operations.


Company 1