About NewME

Founded in 2011 by Angela Benton, NewME has accelerated hundreds of entrepreneurs through our online platform, residential “boot-camp” accelerators, and equity portfolio. We pioneered diversity in Silicon Valley by guiding underrepresented entrepreneurs to material advantage in achieving growth and sustainability for their businesses. Our programs have led founders to more than $47 MM in funding, including venture capital.

What We Do

Residential Accelerators

Our one week accelerators are hosted in the cities we partner with, including Cincinnati, Columbus, Chicago, Indianapolis and Miami. We combine 5 days of intense knowledge sharing and structured training with dope accommodations and great meals, so your experience is comprehensive and comfortable. Cohorts are small, between 8-10 founders, so you’re able to receive the one-on-one attention you need.

Online Resources

NewME speeds up your road to success by “digging in” and giving you the support you need to win. Our platform is a customizable way to plug into the expertise, people, and resources right when you need it most. And, It's free to join!

Investment Portfolio

For many entrepreneurs, reaching the ‘next step’ is an exciting time that’s often coupled with the anxiety of uncertainty. By surrounding you in knowledge and customized support for you and your business--  we give you the confidence needed to win!

Our equity portfolio is made up of the most talented entrepreneurs in our network. These portfolio companies are a mix of entrepreneurs from our previous 12-week residential accelerator and new investments made into select NewME member companies.

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